Sunday, January 2, 2011

Truth and the City...The Musical

A few hours ago I was discussing with a friend the reasoning behind why I dislike Taylor Swift. I will share it with you for the purpose behind my next few posts. I, personally, am tired of hearing about every ex-boyfriend that Taylor Swift has. All of her songs revolve around how much she loved them or I guess, how crappy the relationship was. Considering she is young, and I have probably had more relationships, or encounters with intimacy than she has, I am slightly upset by the amount of money she is making off of her ex-boyfriends. I have decided that it is now my time to make some money off of my previous “lovers.” I have decided to begin this process by writing a series of entries about them. I will then ask everyone to suggest titles for these stories, and begin my songwriting process. Also, if you have a specific story of mine that you remember and liked oh so very much, I would like you to tell me, so I can not only post it on here, but consider it for my Musical which will be entitled Truth and the City.


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