Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Other Man…

My boyfriend would probably prefer if I left this tiny bit of info out BUT: We were watching the Degrassi marathon last night and in several of the episodes there was a focus on how close some of the girls are with their best guy friend. Along with this, we got to see just how jealous these girls’ boyfriends get when observing just how close the girl is with her guy friend. I looked at my boyfriend and said “Oh by the way, it is VERY hard to get rid of a girl’s best guy friend.” I would now like to take the time to tell people why it is SO hard to get rid of a girl’s best guy friend.

  1. 1) Backup- I know people are going to hate to hear this but, a lot of women have a best guy friend as their backup love interest. If all else fails, the bestie is always nearby.
  2. 2) Common Interests- Why do you think they are best friends? They have absolutely everything in common. When you don’t want to sit back and watch a show they really like: *ring ring ring* Time to call the best guy friend. He will almost always be ready and willing to jump in because it is something he also enjoys. This is important as we all know because “opposites attract,” and as her boyfriend, you are seen as her opposite. The best friend on the other hand, is…well, he’s the male version of her.
  3. 3) True Love- Yes, it is true. Many best friendships that contain a male and female tend to end up becoming romantic. For some women, or even men, their best friend could be that person they secretly dream of every night. This often becomes the person that they base all relationships off of. If they cannot find a deep connection like they have with their best friend, they might believe that someone other than their best friend would not be the right fit for them. This is because many people fall in love with their best friends.

Now I am going to tell you something very important: Men, stop trying to push the best friend out of the picture. If you believe that the best friend is some kind of threat to you, then ask your girlfriend and point out to her why you believe her friendship might cause a problem in your relationship. I’m not going to lie to you. This is often something hard to do because everyone is protective of their best friend whether they be male or female. Your girlfriend might at first believe that you are simply jealous, which, let’s be honest, you are, aren’t you? Yeah, I thought so. However, if you can put that jealousy aside for the moment and explain to her that YOU are interested in being able to share some of these more common interests and intimate moments with her, then you will be able to not only eliminate the stress of the best friend, but improve your relationship with her.

I know. I make it sound easy. It’s really not, though. You know why? Because the best friend, male or female, will almost always be a threat. Just don’t make yourself an audience member. Participate!


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