Thursday, September 30, 2010

And the cycle continues...

This is just another of the MANY problems we're having within the gay community. It is horrible to see these people committing suicide after coming out about their sexuality. Why is it that we can no longer live in a world where we are comfortable with who we truly are and those we love? He was JUST starting his life in college. He was talented, but he could not deal with the way people chose to treat his personal life...


When others hate you...

Someone can love every fiber of their being, but if others do not approve we sometimes get down on ourselves. This young boy along with several others was bullied because of his sexual preference. Whether you want to believe it or not, these are still considered hate crimes. He chose to take his life in response to the bullying. I wish people would just get over their pettiness and accept people for who they are. We cannot change the way we were born. He was BORN THIS WAY just as those bullies may have been born straight...


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why Laura Chose Urkel

I want to share with you a conversation that I had with one of my good friends.

Her: bleekkk where are the good fellas?

they don't exist
this is the thing
you have to get with the geeks
if you want to be treated right and settle game geeks...artists
my sweetie and his group of friends are like the perfect guys minus their obsession with being geeks lol...but that's what makes them unique
and they're so intelligent. you can have the best conversations with them. I love that they know things I would never have been interested in but they make me want to listen lol
the problem is...we catch these types of guys when some other girl has already dicked them over and it ruins things for us

I completely believe in everything I said above. I believe that most women underestimate the stereotypical “geek” because they believe they have nothing going for them other than the fact that they have this infinite amount of knowledge about "computer processes". Most women see the geek as the ugly Steve Urkel type: suspenders, coke-bottle glasses, high-pitched voice. But let me ask you a question-Who did Laura Winslow choose at the end of the sitcom?- She chose her loveable geek, NOT the sexy, confident clone that he created to please her eyes. I bet you’re wondering “why would she choose Steve after all the years of ignoring his geeky charm?” I’ll tell you why.

Here are the BEST qualities of geeks:

Humbleness- Although they often tend to doubt themselves in social situations, this allows for them to think before they speak. When they think, they’re usually thinking about YOUR needs first. Unlike the stereotypical cocky male figure, who only thinks about how lucky you are to be with him.

Intelligence- It is not just a level of intelligence where you feel like you can have a simple conversation with him that others cannot seem to grasp. With the loving geek you ALWAYS find yourself learning things-you might not have cared about before- but find so intriguing when he tells you. It’s the way his eyes glow when he’s just discovered something so simple yet complex. It’s the way he gets excited to answer questions for you especially if you really don’t understand the situation.
But above everything else: The best geeks are ALWAYS willing to make their princess happy. This does not mean buying your love and affection, which is what most people assume. This means remembering the little things that make you happy.

So why did Laura choose Steve? Because he put himself in the worst situations just to please her. He created a sexy clone because he knew the qualities she liked in a man, including his looks. More importantly, Steve gave up on his popular lifestyle as Stefan in order to be her true knight in shiny armour…or I guess, geek in high-water pants. So who are you going to choose?


Now That She's Gone

You know who you are,
I want to ask you:

Was it all worth it?
Was it worth it to treat me like shit just to be with her?
Was it worth it to LIVE WITH ME and sneak around kissing her?
Was it worth it to tell me you loved me and make love to me then kiss her the next day?

Did she do the things I did?
Would she be willing to cut people out of her life to make sure she could be with you?
Did she even fight to be with you?
Did she love you like I did?
Did she help you when you were down and out?
Did she feed you when you had no money?

Was she there for you when you were down and out?

It’s funny how now that she’s gone you want to be my friend again. Was I not good enough to be your friend when you pretty much left me for her? If I weren’t a loving person, then you and I would never be friend again. Now you’re going through a hard time and SHE’S not there for you, so I am. I believe in being a true friend till the end. No matter what problems we may have had in the past, I will always be there for you….Will she?


Saturday, September 25, 2010

He said, She Said

It's always funny to hear two sides of a story. There's the male version and the female version. It seems as though the male version always seems to be a tad bit more enhanced than the female version. It's best shown in this song. The female gives her recount of the tale as a beautiful love story while the male paints the picture of a tawdry summer love affair....


Friday, September 17, 2010

Just So You Know

If only you saw this....


Friday, September 10, 2010

The Real Me Would....

Sometimes you just have to teach him a lesson ;-)


How I feel towards him

Sometimes you just have to say DEUCES