Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ladies, Don't Do This!

Top Three Things Straight Men ABSOLUTELY HATE!

1) Purple Nurple- Apparently most men do not like for a woman to touch, lick, or even flick their nipples. Obviously men feel as though the idea of nipples is a female thing and do not believe that a man should, or even would, get the slightest amount of sensation in that area. Dear men, let me just tell you that you are missing out on some things. While not every woman is even going to attempt to tickle your nipple sensation, some are not only willing, but eager to do so. In fact, I blame the women who DO NOT do this for the reason behind men believing their nipples should not be touched. For those of you that don’t know anything about this, the male nipple is just as sensitive as the female. Those men, who have actually experienced CORRECT nipple play, have found that they enjoyed it very much. All I am saying is that you shouldn’t knock it until a woman does it the right way.

2) Tushy Touch- Now I can totally understand this one right here. Most men would probably smack a woman for engaging in anal play for many reasons. One being that they are completely uncomfortable with the idea of something touching near, or inside, the anal cavity. However, what I don’t like is that men will attribute this with being gay. Is it gay when a woman allows a man to enter inside of her anally? No, but because other men do this to each other and this is considered to be the way that gay men would have intercourse, straight men believe that a woman should not even consider touching them in this way. I have news for you though fellas, anal stimulation seems to be even more thrilling for men than some women. While I am not suggesting you let your woman ram you with her hidden strap-on, I am telling you that if she is into that type of thing maybe allow her a finger. (Especially if you’re trying to get into her no-no area.)

3) The Tip- This is hilarious and I completely agree with it. Men HATE it sooooo much when a woman says she will give him oral satisfaction, but only focuses at the tip. Now women, I know you have read that the tip is where feeling is most heightened. HOWEVER, oral sex for a man is not always just about the pleasure of the feeling on his tip. In fact it’s not always just about him getting off. Men would just have sex with you if that were the case. Oral sex is about damn near every sense in his body. He wants to feel you. He wants to smell your hair. He wants to watch what you do. He wants to hear the sounds you make. A man who says he doesn’t care about these things hasn’t had a woman give him the best BJ of his life. I say this because all of these things combined drives a man wild. It lets him know that you enjoy what you’re doing and want to make sure he enjoys the entire pleasure package. It also gives him the sense of being deep inside you, which is one of the things men think about the most. Don’t mess with his dreams!

These are the top three things I listed because I’ve heard several men mention these things over the years and then I heard the same opinions just a couple days ago. I completely agree with the third which is why I posted it last, but the other two are posted to give men some awareness of the fact that they might need to open up to some new options. You don’t have to try it, but DON’T knock it until you do.


Friday, November 12, 2010

I refuse

Sometimes you just have to refuse...