Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dirty Texts

These are just some of the ridiculous text messages I've received from guys over time.

"I want you to sit on my face."
"You know I would love that with my tongue in your ass and fingers in your pussy."

"So umm do we have to use condoms?"

"Come sit on daddy's dick."

"You should tell your homegirl to come over for a threesome."

"How sloppy are your BJs?"

(Insert dick photo)

"I was thinking about you."
Oh really? What were you thinking about?
"I just wanna suck on them tittys so bad."

"I know u not bein pleased."
"U should jus let me come over and please that pussy."

"You should come over...I wanna show you something."
Is it edible?
"No but you can play with it and it'll play with you."
Eh that's alright. I don't think I'd enjoy it.
"Come get this dick."

I wish I could go back through ALL of my texts and show you some of the hilarious things I've received. Truth is, I've seen some crazy texts before too, but like damn!


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