Friday, April 8, 2011

There will always be women in rubber flirting with me....

In all of my relationships there is one huge problem I guess I will ALWAYS have...until I find a man who is actually secure in the relationship he has with me. That problem is...Other guys. I'm one of those girls who only has a few girl friends but has a full entourage of male friends. The truth is, although there is the possibility that many of my guy friends would like some kind of relationship with me, sexual or otherwise, I am not interested in them in that way at all. I simply prefer men over women. I get along with men soooo much better than women. They understand my attitude more.

So here's a little note to the men out there who think they have a chance with me:

Do not even approach men if you are the super jealous type...You will ALWAYS be jealous.


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