Thursday, April 14, 2011

Give me your number = Drop them Drawers...

Over the years, it has become more and more disappointing to watch the way in which men interact with women. What is even more depressing is sitting back and listening the way they interact with you because other women have let them get away with the things they do or say. I've been trying to ignore it for some time now, but it is REALLY starting to get annoying...especially since I've finally been able to experience what it's like to have a decent convo with a REAL man.

I am not one of those girls who will withhold their phone number from men (unless I'm just not interested). If we seem to have a connection, then why wouldn't I give you my number? I would like for us to talk and see if this is possibly going somewhere. Now, although I may not think every convo could lead to marriage, I do believe that it could lead to something that we could further explore. If I feel this way, then why don't men?

Ladies, have you noticed that men no longer take the time to get to know you before trying to jump into bed with you? Have you noticed that even when you find the men who aren't like that, they act as though they are, so as not to be seen as a "chump" in front of their friends?

In the time that I've decided to accept the idea of being single and out there looking around, I have given my number to many different guys. Ask me how many of them skipped over intelligent conversation and jumped into dirty talk and cock photos....I'm going to go ahead and say 99.9% of them. Now, I am going to be honest for a second, women can often start conversations out this way too. While I may not be like "nice to meet you this is what my coot coot looks like," I will possibly express the fact that I am only interested in ONE THING. However, the way in which I go about expressing myself is different than the way these men do it.

I once tried having a decent conversation with this guy that I SWORE I had a connection with...why in the middle of our invigorating conversation, did he send me a photo of his (very small) penis? This is what I mean gentlemen! Unless the convo is already headed in that direction, please do not send us random photos. Have you ever considered that we might be with our girls when you send that? Of course we're going to show them if you sent it so us randomly. Then you'll be embarrassed when you try to get with a different girl and they've already been warned.

All I'm trying to say to the fellas is DON'T JUMP THE GUN. I'm not saying you have to find out the names of her 7 brothers, 8 sisters and 23 pets before you head in that direction but some women do like a little bit of convo before they spread those legs.


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