Monday, February 21, 2011

Green is not your color...

A few days ago I got into this heated discussion with my ex-boyfriend. (I haven’t written about him on my blog yet, because the truth is, I have A LOT to say.) During this discussion we argued about the idea of a guy and a girl being in an open relationship, and the guy allowing the girl to go out with other men and allowing those men to pay for her dinners or movies. My ex and I got into an argument because he made the statement “i just think its sad that a dude cant even perform the most basic task of acting as a provider and that he's so pathetic as to let other guys take you out” (copied and pasted directly from the instant message convo we had). I, of course, took the time out of my morning to put my ex in his place since he has no idea of the situation. This is also not the only time that he has made a comment on this relationship. One Valentine’s Day he commented on a status of mine that read “I just got the best Valentine’s gift ever.” His response was “I have a hard time believing you got the best gift ever. I pride myself on Valentine’s Day and I give the best gifts.”

This is not the first time I’ve had to listen to comments from him about how much he doubts the person I am currently with. I am wondering why he seems to feel the need to make these constant remarks. We have not been together in over a year. In fact, he chose to sleep around with other women while still telling me he loved me. Although I did not like the fact that he was doing this, I never once said a bad thing about these women, especially since one of them knew he was not only still in love with me, but also still living with me. However, I find it hilarious that he has taken the time out of his day to speak ill of any man that I find interest in. Excuse me sir, but I do believe that you are a bit jealous or a bit protective over something that is NO LONGER YOURS. Of course I told him it seems as though he is bitter or jealous and he is no longer speaking to me. I don’t blame him. He told me how I felt and I told him how I felt. The difference is, I was justified in letting him know that he was completely out of line. You stopped loving me. You don’t want to be with me. Don’t comment on the people I’m with. Love, City.


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