Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Shannon Files...The Greatest

My ex fiancee and I had the most ridiculous relationship ever. It was full of love, hate, cheating, abuse, and some of the best sex ever. Mmm.

We met during my freshman year of college at Penn State. I was having a hard time with some people living in my building and I had been taken advantage of. People had all kinds of things to say about me and they didn't even know who I was. The guys in the apartment below mine were always talking shit about what kind of person I was. Then I became really good friends with him. He came at the PERFECT time.

We started off as just friends, and that's honestly all I wanted from him. He seemed like the big brother type. He always stood up for me, and NO ONE bothered me because they knew he could and WOULD stomp their face in. 

One drunken night (because that's how all relationships start, right?), we had gone to a party and come back to my apartment. One drunken thing led to another, and we ended up having great sex. I told him we shouldn't have, but it happened anyway. Everyday following that got a little more complicated. He had started getting feelings, but I told him I was interested in sex and he and I could only be "fuck buddies." He claimed to be okay with it, but I found him coming over every night to make sure I was doing well. He knew my class and work schedule and would sometimes be waiting for me when I came home. What woman wouldn't eventually give in to that kind of guy? I surely did.

It didn't take very long for me to realize that this just wasn't the relationship I thought it would be. He was the complete opposite of the guy I wanted. He was a thug. He had two kids (different baby moms). He had a stalker ex girlfriend who threatened my life on several occasions. I just couldn't get enough of him, though. I wanted to do whatever was necessary to be with him. When he got banned from my first apartment building, I would sneak him in and risk getting kicked out. He used to find the most ridiculous hiding places. He would hide under the bed, in between the drawers. He even tried riding in the ceiling because for some stupid reason, we could moves the plates around. I LOOOOOVED playing hide n go seek with him.

Even better than hide n seek, were our games of fight and make up. We had some of the most epic fights. He tried squeezing the breath out of me. I punched him and chased after him with a butcher knife. And then we'd make up all night long. I know my roommate hated it...because I swear the bed would go through the wall every single time. He would keep going until I screamed. I really think that til this day, no one can fuck my bed across the room like he can, although my current boo surely tries. I remember one time he had gone at it so hard that I couldn't pee afterwards. I was walking at a right angle for a good day and a half. That was the best most uncomfortable day and a half of my life.

A relationship can't stand on sex alone. I have no harsh feelings towards him at all. We just didn't seem to have the same aspirations at the time. We were definitely headed in different directions. He tried his hardest to be the man I wanted, but I was settled in my ways and my goals. I don't regret any second of my relationship with him though, because he made me into the crazy woman you all love now! Love you E.


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