Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'd rather be single

I know I should probably keep my horny ass in a relationship, but truthfully, I like things better this way. I've been enjoying being single. I'm not sleeping with a bunch of dudes anyway. I got my main homie and I got my white boy. I think I'm doing quite alright for a single lady. I don't have much time to get into trouble with a bunch of different men. Plus, once kitty finds something she's satisfied with, she tends not to wander very far. She'll be slightly intrigued by the idea of something new, but she'd rather make things work with who she has.

That's why I've been chillin with the main dude for this long. There's always something new and crazy coming along...and he always hits that warm spot. Now, if only EVERY guy knew how to beat it up....the world would be a happier place and it would be easier for me to find a side piece or at least, a more reliable cutty buddy. I feel like men everywhere are just so unreliable nowadays. What's so hard to understand about "I'm horny." That means run over and jump up in it...but even my main dude doesn't come through as often as he should. It's like men are scared of good sex...or maybe they're scared of rough sex. I'm pretty sure my CWB is scared of rough sex. I always avoid the urge to pull him but his long ass hair though. I told him I would be gentle until he's ready for more. Is it intimidating to be with a very sexual person? Shouldn't you be open to becoming a more sexual person? Maybe they're scared because I don't want a relationship...and they think that feeling might change? I don't know, but I DO know that they need to get it together. I need a RELIABLE man with GOOD, reliable, dirty, raunchy, rough sex. Is that so hard to ask for? Do you HAVE to be in a relationship to get that? I mean, that's all I want...and maybe some henny. Can I get that? Please?!


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