Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I definitely don't want a relationship any time soon. I'm just not ready for it. However, for once in life, I'd like to meet a guy that I'm interested in, who isn't afraid of admitting and exploring the feelings he has for me. I didn't realize that was asking for too much. I never asked for commitment. I simply don't want to sit around and assume a guy's feelings based on his actions but he's scared to say it or FULLY show it.

I also really don't understand why there are sooooo many men out there who would prefer to mess around with as many women as possible rather than finding one good one and enjoying their time with her. I'm not saying women don't have their months or even years in which they just want to screw around...I do, however, feel like men are given so many opportunities to spend quality time with a good woman, but they'd rather be with these certified hoes you see flouncing around.

Men, why do you do that? Are you THAT terrified of commitment? Have you ever taken the time to sit down and ask a girl what she's looking for in a guy? Not every woman is looking for that ring, ya know?! I can surely buy myself a ring if I wanted. Hell, I bought myself a ring this weekend because I thought I deserved it.

Sometimes I wonder if I could get inside the male brain for just a day....hmmm...what things would I discover?


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