Saturday, January 26, 2013


The whole "not knowing what our situation is" thing is really frustrating me at this point. I'm the kind of woman who is very loving, loyal, and dedicated to the person I'm with, especially if I think you could be someone special to me. I don't like being kept in the dark. I know it's hard to state "This is how things will be," when you're so far apart from each other and can't speak in person. I'm just having a hard time convincing myself whether I should or shouldn't consider dating other people. There's never been anything saying we were really together, but in my heart, I feel as though this could be something and I don't want to waste my time with anyone else, when I could be with someone I truly love. 

Because I think this could be something serious, I'm willing to not be with anyone else emotionally, mentally, or physically until we can figure this thing out. However, I am not willing to wait around for someone if they're not willing to do the same for me. I can't sit around being the only one doing any real work towards a commitment. If I'm putting in work, telling you how I feel, taking time out of my day to text you, or call you, I expect the same in return. No time wasted... 


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