Monday, August 16, 2010

Do You Qualify?

So, every woman has certain qualities that she looks for in a potential mate. Right now I would like to discuss hose which do not make up the physical aspects…Ok, maybe there will be SOME physical qualities listed.
Here’s my list:

1)Since I agreed to some physical, I would like to list my first request as “a tall man.” I’m not asking for a giant. However, I am only five feet tall. If you do not make me stand on my tippy toes to kiss you, then we have a slight problem.

2)My second request is just as important as the first. You may laugh, but this is VERY serious. I need a guy who loves Michael Jackson as much as I do. Alright, well I realize it is kind of hard to love Michael Jackson as much as I do because I am quite a fan. I will however say that my guy must AT LEAST be comfortable with the fact that I often like to dance naked around the house to a great MJ song. Sometimes I wear a bra and panties, but I am assuming that would not be the problem. My man should be comfortable with these things because my love for MJ is eternal. It will NEVER die. You know one crush that a girl never gets over, MJ is much more than that to me! (Oh and I’m listening to him right now.)

3)While I am a very confident and sometimes slightly cocky person, I need my man to be just as confident in me as I am. Yes, he must be confident in himself, but he must be able to ensure me of just how good of a person I am. If I am ever feeling insecure, he must be able to snap me back into my unorthodoxly confident self.

4)Since I am a very confident person, I need a guy who is comfortable with just how confident I am. I do not TRY to be cocky. I am just very sure of myself and along with this confidence comes a bit of independence. Do not be scared of my independence. It does not mean I could necessarily live my life without you, or rather that I would WANT to. It does however mean that I know how to and am not scared to do so if you get out of line.

5)Now, while I do not NEED you to buy things for me, I do like to be spoiled. I am used to getting most things that I want. I am a bit of a daddy’s girl. If you cannot get me the things my dad can, then I guess you need to step aside. What most men do not understand about me is that the things I want most are not very difficult to get with small amounts of money. I am not the type of girl who wants diamonds, diamonds, diamonds. I am most easily pleased when my guy takes me out for a nice dinner or even cooks for me. That is the thing I want the most: food. If you can provide me with food, I will be perfectly happy for the rest of my life. If you want to surprise me with other gifts I like white roses, (they’re my favorite), then feel free. If you want to get me jewelry, I prefer necklaces because it gives me something to touch if ever I feel uncomfortable.

What I listed above are my top five qualities that I look for in a man. Now I’m going to list what I believe are my top five qualities that I can offer a guy. Watch out though. Most of these qualities show how I would be a great wife!

1)I am a great cook. I like to try new things fairly often. One of the first things I want to do when I move into an apartment with my guy is fill the refrigerator with different foods, all of which I plan to cook myself. I do not want anyone else cooking food in my place unless they are in my family. I love to cook huge meals because I like to see the smiles on people’s faces when they eat my food. Yes, I am that good. If you like to eat like I do, then you’ll be happy with me.

2)I love to clean. I will do the laundry, clean the bathroom, wash the dishes and everything else needed in the house. I have slight OCD. Deal with it.

3)I’m a down ass chick. I would do just about anything for my man especially if he treats me right. I am a very loving person. I treat my man like a king. If you need me to help you with anything, believe me I am there for you. I’m the kind of girl that guys do not let go, simply because I love making him happy.

4)You can be honest with me. I love listening to people’s opinions when it comes to different things. I also love being that person you can come to and expect honesty back. I hate to lie to people. Most people think this is a problem. I believe this is my greatest quality because I could never lie to you about something that truly matters.

5)I am a freak. I will try almost anything in the bedroom, especially for that really special someone. I want to make sure that you are equally as pleasured as I am. You want to try something new? Ask me.

Of course there are way more qualities that I could list about my perfect guy, but I do not want to bore you. Plus, if you think you could be my perfect guy you should probably ask me when you see me anyway.

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