Saturday, August 7, 2010

Best Friends and Best Friends Only

Since I already wrote two blogs about my situation with my best friend and our love affair, I figured I should actually discuss the main issue: can straight girls and straight guys ever truly be friends without some kind of romantic or sexual attraction?

I am going to just say that FOR ME it does not work. For some reason I always tend to have friendships in which either my straight guy friends have some type of sexual attraction to me or vice versa. I am not going to toot my own horn and say that I’m so sexy that the men just come running to me. I am quite sexy; however, this is not why they find themselves attracted to me. I believe that for me, what tends to happen is that I am a very open and honest person and most men find that they can’t find a woman like that nowadays. Most men probably assume that they can’t be their normal disgusting manly selves around women because they assume we’re all little dainty, delicate, precious things. I also put myself out there as a person who is willing to learn different things. I love exploring different aspects of life. If I had never been camping and one of my guy friends invited me to go I would suck up my girly girl attitude and hop in a tent. Some girls would turn down an opportunity to go out into the wilderness with a guy who is interested in them. I am completely open to trying this.

Now when it comes to me being interested in my male friends…HA! There is a simple explanation for that actually: I find that I tend to enjoy my relationship more with a person that I have been good friends with for a large amount of time. After being close friends with someone for a considerable amount of time, I start to wonder if maybe there is more to our friendship. Granted, this doesn’t happen with all of my guy friends. That would just be ridiculous. The close guy friends I had that I developed feelings for were those that treated me best. My boyfriends usually didn’t do the things for me that my best guy friends did. (Boyfriends, step up your game!)
Anyway, what I’m thinking is that some of these things that happen often get misconstrued as having developed feelings for a person or some kind of attraction. I’m not saying that the feelings aren’t real. I am simply saying that a close personal relationship with someone of the opposite sex often confuses the heart…interpreting “love” as being “in love” with a person.

I care for all of my best guy friends and love them very much, but I am NOT in love with them!


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  1. So I have come to the realization that we have the opposite problem. All your guy friends like you or vice versa, and yet in most of my guy friends' eyes I will always be "one of the guys" sigh... why can't there be some middle ground here? lol