Monday, May 31, 2010

Maintaining your (ahem) area

Most men look forward to intercourse with a woman who is very good at maintaining her pubic area, along with other things. Man of these men hope to engage in sexual activity with a freshly shaven vagina or one with the minimalist amount of air possible. This works out well because most women appreciate the assets of a clean area. Minimal hair allows for less sweat, less smell, and a region that’s easier to wash and keep up maintenance. Most of us keep less hair for these reasons along with the fact that we assume sexual escapades are more warranted when keeping a fresh smelling, manageable non-jungle atmosphere.

Although women are fairly keen on keeping up appearances in that general region, men on the other hand have slowly been losing all sense of how to keep their area clean. This should not be the case since they have two things that we do not have the displeasure of dealing with. For the sake of keeping this entry on somewhat of a classy level, we’ll call these two things by their correct term: testicles. Now men, the sack area is almost similar to areas of fat on the body. When cleaning this area you must lift the testicles and scrub underneath, as well as on top and closer to the penis/shaft area. If you fail to hit the under area of your anatomy with a bit of soap and water there tends to be an unpleasant smell that emits from the general area.

This is an epidemic! Gentlemen, do you know why I consider this to be an epidemic? Because those of you who refuse to keep up even the tiniest bit of maintenance are usually the first ones demanding a little “mouth-hug lovin’.” If you would like your woman, or any other woman to put their mouth, tongue, or any other part of their visage near your no-no area, you have to understand that the sight and smell of that area is going to hit us before we even try to taste it!

This being said, I would like to insert one last thing: I smell good, do you?


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