Wednesday, May 26, 2010


He asked me if we could 'chill'
I told him we would not be engaging in sexual activity or any kind.
He said that was ok and we should still chill.
I decided to test him a bit more to see if he had hopes of some kind of sexual activity.
I told him I would be hanging out at a friend's house and he was welcome to join me.
His response: "imma hit u up. im still washin clothes and shit"
I told him I no his lies and prefer honesty.
He said he simply had to wait for his clothes to be done.
That was at 9:26 PM.
I did not hear from him again until 12:32 AM when I decided to see what happened.
His excuse: I got called into work.

Now, that was either a lie OR you simply did not have the decency and respect to call and inform me of your plans to go to work. I don't know which one is worse. I do however know that I am no longer interested in the bullsh*t.


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