Wednesday, June 23, 2010


One thing that both men and women should realize when dating, is that sharing a bit of too much information can completely destroy any possibility of a further relationship with a person.

Case and point:

Two weeks ago, I was walking out of the doctor’s office feeling very crappy, when I saw a guy walking out of the apartment complex. I could tell from the moment I saw him that he would probably try to hit on me. I decided to step back and pretend to make a phone call while I waited for him to walk away. As I stood there I glanced over my glasses and saw him cross the street. He continued walking down the street, but not without glancing back at me and staring. I stayed exactly where I was and noticed him stop walking. He yelled out to me “Hey Shorty!” That was his first mistake. My name is not “shorty” and I do not respond to names other than my own. I, of course, did not respond and pretended not to hear him anyway. He came up to me like an idiot, and decided to proceed into conversation. The first thing out of his mouth was “My name is Jaquese.” That was strike number two. I told him my name anyway (because he looked quite sketchy) and pretended as if nothing was wrong. He asked me if I was taking class. I told him I had graduated. He asked my major and I responded. I then asked him what year he was in. He told me “Oh, I dropped out.” That was strike number three. I am not interested in someone who is not on my education level or even remotely near it. I then told him I needed to be on my way because I had errands to run downtown. “Oh, I’m going downtown too.” ‘What are you going downtown for?’ “I need to drop off money to my baby mama.” That was strike number four and I wondered why he was still talking to me. You’d probably assume the convo ended after that, however, he continued. I looked at his tattoos and commented on how interesting they were. He said “Oh yeah I have this one too,” and pointed at his right arm. “This one is fake though.” I asked why. His response was “My boy gave this to me while I was in prison.” Strike number five. Did I happen to mention he told me all of this within ten minutes of speaking?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what I mean by sharing way too much information. While I do believe that when trying to create a relationship with someone, you must be truthful and very open about the things in your past and present, I believe there should be some type of element of surprise. AND some things should just be kept private within the first few dates with someone new.


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