Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't Bother...

I had to take some time out of my evening to write this because I am wondering why some of these men really believe they have a chance to be with me. In fact, I am wondering why some of them even think they can talk to me in general. There are several things wrong with you men and I am going to list these negative attributes below. In case you were wondering, yes this is meant to possibly hurt your feelings.

1) I am a strong and INDEPENDENT black woman. I do not need a weakling of a man. I need a man who is going to be just as strong as I am. A weak man with a strong woman is just a little puppy dog. If I wanted someone to follow me around, sniff my butt, sit at my feet, and piddle in the corner I would just buy a damn dog. (At least those are a little easier to train anyway!)

2) Along with this independence comes a great deal of intelligence. If you are sending me messages with words that I have to look up on, then we have a problem. I should not have to, in the middle of a conversation, say “hold on” and go look up what the hell you’re trying to say to me. That’s just a waste of my time.

3) I’m sorry but I do have to pull out some stereotypes on you for just a moment. If your name is Jaquese…and I’m just going to stop there.

4) If you have baby mama drama and you are my age, please don’t bother trying. I am not interested in parenting your child while getting threatening calls from your ex-girlfriend. Just ask my ex. There’s a reason why he’s my ex.

5) If you have been to jail, you should probably NOT lead with this in our conversation. I will most likely walk away without even saying goodbye. I do not have time to sit back wondering when you’ll be getting back from your 10 year sentence for conspiracy.

6) If you have a drug habit, and yes weed is a drug, you need to enlighten me of this ahead of time so I can explain to you that weed does not come before me. If I catch you sneaking into the room to get your puff on, there’s a problem.

7) If you don’t have money…Now wait just one second. Let me specify. I know that if I am dating someone my own age he will probably not be super rich unless mommy and daddy are giving him that money. However, let me put it this way: I do not want to hear “Oh I wish I could get that for you.” Especially if it is something I can buy with my own money. I should not be able to show you up with the money in my pocket.

You know what’s a shame? I posted the first two in one of my previous entries and I know one of these people I’m thinking of definitely read that entry. Why are you still trying? Did you not get it the first time? Should I say it a third time? Maybe I will. Men, if you fit into any of these, please turn the other way when you see me. Don’t even say hello.



  1. felicity you know damn well as i do, when it comes to putting these guys on blast, you gotta spell out their names in CAPS LOCK

    but tell me why i was dying on this entry

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